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My Poetry

My favorite works are below, please enjoy

It's in your soul in your head.
Don't deny this is the reason why.
As your soul bleeds get on your knees.
Hold your head back and raise your hands high.
This is so painful but you need to be free within.
Scream out load this pain you hold so deep inside.
If you hold these emotions in one more day forever there'll be delay.

Take your wings and let them go
You can fly high or you can fly low
I don't even care just let them go
Keep them white and don't let anyone know for no one cares about you but your wings and you.

Keep Everything Close:
Take everything that you own and keep it close for this world that we live today is no ones but your own.
All this pain I keep inside I must have lied for now It's time to say goodbye to the past for it won't last.
I bleed the need to hear you cry those special words which I have never heard.
I'll keep you close to my side I swear I'll never lie.
Girl give me that one chance and we'll forever live in today's past.I need to bleed this pain I shed for thy feel the special message you sent at last

The World Of Lost Hope:
In this world we all live behind our own lies
For who sent us to die will not deny any lies
That we dispy. Listen to your heart bleed Destiny.
The tear that sits on my eye why can't I see behind all those lies.
That flag that we all share in honor of the blood shed one drary night as our fathers for front. Who do you believe in this world when you have no trust in your life, always denied.
So you go on in life on your own hopeing every day you wake will gain more then the next.
Which do you keep in your heart strongly devoting every breath sevreing every sec. Crave that one thing and your whole life serves it, needs it, you would bleed for it.
Why we are so stupid to see,believe, and deceit ourselves. Never lie forever you will die. Burning with the lies you lived with.

Other entries will be published soon.